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Track Maintenance Foreman Has The Right Stuff

Newmarket Chamber of Commerce President & CEO Debra Scott wrote to say Track Foreman Orville Reid “gets it.”

This is a story about a PNR RailWorks employee who really gets it.

He knows we are in business to delight our customers. He understands that simply doing a job is not enough. He realizes you’ve got to go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations. When you do, he knows customers will keep coming back year after year.

Thanks to his efforts and others on the GO Transit maintenance team, PNR RailWorks has been maintaining these busy commuter rail lines in Ontario since 2001. This repeat business is reward enough. So on those occasions when our customer’s customer takes the time to give us a pat on the back, well, that’s icing on the cake.

That’s exactly what happened recently with we heard from Debra Scott, president & CEO of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce in the Greater Toronto area. She wrote to tell us about her interaction with Track Maintenance Foreman Orville Reid.

“It has been my pleasure to have had contact with one of your employees, Orville Reid, on couple of occasions in the past two years regarding track maintenance of the GO Transit line that is adjacent to our building,” wrote Ms. Scott. “Orville has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and in this time of declining customer service he is an employee who ‘gets it!’”

Orville has maintained GO Transit track since he joined PNR RailWorks more than eight years ago. He has a vital job: keeping GO Transit’s track in tiptop condition so trains run safely and on time.

Ms. Scott has firsthand experience with Orville’s work. The Chamber’s offices are located in the historic train station in Newmarket, Ontario, on GO Transit’s Barrie corridor, also called the Newmarket Subdivision. Up to eight trains operate on the line during weekday rush hour traffic carrying nearly 13,000 passengers.

PNR RailWorks’ President Jamey Craig credited Orville with keeping this important customer happy. “One of the strengths that has built our relationship with GO over the years has been, in great part, due to employees like Orville. We take extreme pride in our people, especially when they exhibit the professionalism and courtesy that makes up one of the core values of our company.”

Congratulations to Orville for exemplifying all the right stuff. He does, indeed, get it!