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Incentive Program Recognizes Safety Standouts

Chris "Dino" Cittadino (center), supervisor, points out safety considerations to Signal Division workers at the Prairie State project in Marissa, Ill.

When it comes to safety, there is no finish line. To work injury free, we must continually look for opportunities to make our work practices and procedures safer. Over time, we believe these efforts will change our culture and help make our jobsites injury free.

RailWorks’ Quarterly Safety Incentive Program recognizes employees who are true champions for safety. These are individuals demonstrate leadership and courage by taking charge to improve safety.

Congratulations to the following individuals who are the Safety Incentive award winners for the third quarter of 2009.

CittandinoChris Cittadino, RailWorks Track Systems, Signal Division –Signal Construction Supervisor Chris “Dino” Cittadino understands that if you practice safe habits, working safety simply becomes second nature. He takes his responsibility to train his crew seriously and is not reluctant to point out large and small safety issues. It’s all part of helping others get into the habit of working safely too.

Dino recently modeled safe work habits for his crew when inspecting a new signal boom truck for the Prairie States project. After noting some manufacturer defects on the truck, he immediately reported them to the dealer. When he didn’t get a response, he took the initiative to contact the company’s safety department to discuss the best options to address the vehicle’s operating problems. With Dino’s intervention, the company immediately took action to correct the problems, which prevented potential safety problems on the job.

EldridgeDaniel Eldridge, RailWorks Track Systems – Texas, Galena Park, Texas – Equipment Operator Daniel Eldridge, based in the Galena Park, Texas, track office, is not too busy to be a good neighbor, even when it would be easier to simply go on about his business. When driving the crew truck toward the hotel after completing work, Daniel spotted a driver attempting to put out a fire in his vehicle on the opposite side of the road. He immediately stopped the vehicle, retrieved the fire extinguisher and walked across several lanes of traffic to lend assistance. Supervisor Tommy Summerlin drove by a short time later to observe Daniel spraying the burning vehicle with the fire extinguisher. Thanks to Daniel’s quick action, the fire was put out before emergency personnel arrived on the scene. His efforts prevented further damage to the vehicle and potential injury to the driver.