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Inspection & Maintenance

PNR RailWorks has been in the track maintenance business for decades. We know what it takes to keep your track in top operating condition and to meet or exceed standards required by Transport Canada, your industry, and your servicing railroads. PNR RailWorks offers these value-added services to make sure you get the most out of your track investment:

  • Baseline Track Inspection
  • Routine Track Inspection
  • Scheduled Maintenance Program
  • Emergency Response
  • Specialty Maintenance Services
  • Track Rehabilitation and Construction Services


PNR RailWorks recommends a comprehensive track inspection performed by a qualified track inspector on a scheduled basis (at least twice a year) to meet your operating requirements. A thorough track inspection involves walking the entire track, visually evaluating the subgrade, rail, ties, ballast, switches and turnouts. Our inspection team also can perform routine maintenance, such as adjusting and lubricating switches and tightening bolts, when authorized. If we identify a pressing deficiency, PNR RailWorks will immediately notify facility management so appropriate action can be taken. Within a few days of the inspection, PNR RailWorks will present a detailed report featuring an overall track evaluation and an assessment of each turnout in the facility.

As part of the inspection report, PNR RailWorks also will provide information on scheduled maintenance services and a longer-term rehabilitation program. This information can be used to develop a capital budget for track infrastructure and to evaluate track rehabilitation scenarios.

RailWorks track companies provide routine maintenance services for more than 100 clients, many with multiple facilities, throughout North America. As part of our maintenance program, every year RailWorks maintains more than 1,500 mile of track and more than 1,500 turnouts as well as countless railroad crossings, signals and bridges.
Contact us if we can help you with a track inspection or to discuss maintenance options.